Cyrus ONE HD

Digital Anschlüsse
USB B (32/192) Asynchronous – DSD 128 support
1 x co-axial (24/192)
1 x optical (24/192)
aptX HD® compatible Bluetooth

Analog Anschlüsse
Built-in MM phono stage
3 additional line level inputs, including fixed gain AV bypass
Pre-outputs for connection to additional power amplifiers
High power, high voltage class A-B headphone amplifier
Bi-wire compatible speaker binding posts

Technical Features
Cyrus 4th generation Hybrid Class D amplifier.
2 x 100W an 6 Ω
Large toroidal transformer
Linear power supply
Exceptionally cool running, very energy efficient, up to optimal operating temperature in under 30 seconds.
Remote control app, over Bluetooth for control even when not in line of site
User upgradable firmware

(H x W x D) 85 x 220 x 390mm
Weight: 5.6kg